Poem: Growing Pains

In my latest poem, I address the fear and confusion that seem to have got hold of so many a heart.
”What is this ache/ this sadness/ confusing/ heart and mind?
The anger and/ frustration/ dividing/ humankind?”
Do you feel this ache and frustration? Then my advise to you is: Be true to yourself and make up your mind. Ask yourself: What kind of world do I want (my) children to live in? Then live to create it.
I hope you will read my text. Peace to you all! ❤

Version 2
Only the stars know…

Growing Pains

Only the stars
what hides
behind the clouds

Here insight and
pierce through
the human crowds

How come the earth
is trembling?
Is it lost
what used to be?

Cause life
as we have known it
is no longer
there to see

What is this ache
this sadness
heart and mind?

The anger and

The answer is
in what is
yet to be

Cause only
love and courage
can set
our children free

So don’t let
fear embrace you
as Ascension
takes the reins

The symptoms
that you’re feeling
are spirit’s
Growing Pains

Marie Fredriksson Anthony

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  1. Å Marie vilken fin, tänkvärd dikt. Du kan verkligen sätta ord på känslor! Hoppas många läser den!



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